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Most people give into their insecurities, fear, and hopelessness and decide not to fight for a brighter future. Feeling like you have no choice and the weight of the world more often than not proves too much for most. The desire to not be a failure and blight on society inspired him to want to be different. He vowed to never settle, never be mediocre, never be a follower, never be a sheep, never to accept being normal. Akmauri took all of his hardships and turned them into DRIVE, passion, and determination. Entrepreneur and hard worker since birth, Akmauri has a track record of finding,keeping, and satisfying clients. Akmauri has successfully done every kind of marketing- SEO, email, Cold-calling,door to door, and Social Media. Maintaining a work schedule of atleast 80hrs a week means he has the stamina to keep fighting for the next customer. Tenacity, perseverance, opportunity, and some luck breaks led him to graduating UT, starting and selling his first business before the age of 28, and to your door today with Automated Online Profits, www.aoprofits.com.

Whether you grew up poor or not … you are a business owner. You know what it means to be hungry for success. To feel hopeless yet hopeful for a better tomorrow. To occasionally feel like it’s you against the world and you’re not sure who’s winning. To want your business to be wildly successful. To try and try again. To fail and to “pick yourself up by the bootstraps.” To want to be different and to pave your own way. To leave your mark. You’ve done what most people fear, you’ve dared to be different. Dared to dream. Dared to take a chance and bet on yourself. You have successfully started your own business, and Automated Online Profits would like to help you earn more and grow faster. You need to grow your customer/client base to continue to be profitable. Akmauri and his team know how difficult it is to earn new clients/customers and is willing to put his tried and true methods to help you grow not only your client base, but more importantly your profits.

How are we different: Every member of Automated Online Profits knows hunger. Knows drive. Knows perseverance. And, knows growing profits on an intimate level. We are all hungry to be the best at what we do. We harness the power of the internet to drive clients/customers to the businesses of our clients. We drive their profits to the stratosphere because that’s our business. We are experts in all things online marketing. Websites, email marketing, building squeeze pages, social media marketing, video marketing, if it drives online profits we can handle it for you. Focus on your expertise, relax and enjoy the profits.

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